Make sure you have a solana wallet installed on your browser. We recommend the Phantom extensions, simply because we personally use it, and never had any issues with it.
The metaheads are the characters we created. They were created pixel by pixel, layer by layer, with passion and love. We went through all 10,000 images, and fixed every single detail that we thought didn't look perfect.
What can I do with the metaheads I minted
First of all, they make a great PFP. Some of the atributes are rare, while the other ones are commonly seen. Make sure to explore the metaheads, share the ones you own with the community, or ask for the specific attributes in our discord server. You'll get the opportunity to participate in the 3D mint event later this year, which will allow you to receive $GZMS tokens and participate in the community decisions later.
Mint Cost
The first mint, which consists of 10,000 24x24 pixel NFTs, will cost 0.75 SOL. A lot of effort was put into the creation, but we believe that this is the fair price, as our goals are much bigger. Although we are incredibly thankful to our early supporters, and the first ones to join, we want everyone to be equal when it comes to the minting price.
When will 3d metaheads come out
We already have the basic idea of what we want our 3D voxel metaheads to look like. As soon as the 2D minting is complete, we will employ more people - some from our surroundings, who we know are the experts, but also a couple of people from the community! Make sure to let us know in the discord that you want to participate in the upcoming missions, and we will do our best to find you a role.
What are your goals
Our intent is to develop a decentralized community that is resistant to structural changes to some degree and where every participant has an incentive to be a part of the community, analogous to nodes in a distributed network.

In order to achieve this we will:
• Create a treasury that is completely controlled by the community.
• Create a governance token
• Airdrop fixed amount of the token for every NFT owned.
• Create liquidity on a DEX for the token

More details are given in the whitepaper

What about the NFT liquidity
We are against the insider trading of the NFTs (sweeping the floor). We think that in the long run this kind of behavior is not fair to all participants and only damages the project progress.

We are considering the development of a liquidity for NFTs similar to NFT20 and NFTX protocols. The plan is to provide community with the ability to instantly sell to smart contract or buy NFTs from smart contract for a floor price with additional fees and an option from community to outbid the floor price



As new people are joining the community, our team grows. Every member of the Ground Zero Metasociety will get the opporunity to participate in decision making.



I have master’s degree in Computer Science. Experienced in NNs, algorithms and computational complexity. I started engaging in crypto in 2017 and was fascinated by DAO and DeFi protocols as they developed. Highly driven to develop a distributed community to navigate participants through fast developing metaverse forest. This pathway led us to PFP NFTs as a community project jumpstart. Unique style 24px NFT collection you can see here are created by me.



I am a computer science graduate with over three years of experince as a full stack developer for a company that creates products used by millions of users from all over the world. I've heard about bitcoin in 2010, but started researching, trading and investing in 2017. I've been a part of many communities since then and always wanted to make a contribution myself. The 24px PFP art is just the beginning, as we got a lot more coming queue. Follow me on twitter for tech and community updates.

Society Member


The two of us did put a lot of effort into creating beautiful art, and setting everything one community needs to start. This is where the journey begins, and where you join us! Ground Zero Metasociety welcomes everyone who wants to have fun, participate in decision making and create the best metaverse we can. Tolerance, equality and having a blast while doing great things is what we stand for. Click the discord button below to join our discord server and say hello to the Metaheads!